What You Will Learn

Students participating in the Film In Action Documentary Outreach course will learn a broad range of theoretical, practical and technical skills which allows them to explore the process of documentary storytelling through first hand experience.

You will learn the skills needed, to not just capture eye-catching images, but images with meaning, that form an emotional engagement between the audience and your subject.Film in Action
The curriculum will take students through a model for researching, planning, shooting, editing, marketing and distributing a short documentary, emphasizing a structured, in-depth approach whereby they only begin shooting once they understand their subject and the world they inhabit. You will learn the skills needed, to not just capture eye-catching images, but images with meaning, that form an emotional engagement between the audience and your subject.

In each of the stages of production the students will learn the skills, processes and approach needed to produce a narrative based documentary. Understanding how to research and interview through tutorials and practice in the field. Learning the principles of producing, cinematography, direction and editing that will serve their story through practical workshops and exercises out in the field. They will also learn the importance of planning and scheduling in film production. They will produce detailed shot lists, scene breakdowns, production schedules and shooting logs, working in a meticulous way which allows them to produce work of high quality in a short period of time.

Production Roles

Within their respective roles, each student will learn their function and purpose within the crew and the production process. Students will learn how their role relates to other crew members and through the course and group work they will learn how best to voice and implement their ideas. Good filmmaking relies on the synergy of all production members, working in harmony towards a shared goal, and our courses put great emphasis on this. This experience, working to a clearly defined role with specific responsibilities, will be hugely beneficial for anyone seeking a career in filmmaking.

You will play a key role in each stage of the production process, planning, organizing and managing the workload and driving it forward and ensuring that your crew never lose sight of the story. You will mediate between differences of opinion and ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction throughout production. You will develop and implement an impact strategy for your film which best serves the organization.
You will have an overarching creative vision for the film, throughout each stage of production. You will play a key role in the development of your story, building good relationships with the protagonists and contributors. During production you will lead your crew creatively, knowing exactly what you want to achieve and how to accomplish it, working closely with your cinematographer.
Working closely with the director, you will develop a visual identity for your film throughout pre-production and then implement this during production. You will be involved in principal photography and create a detailed shot-list before production begins for each day. Through an understanding of your character and story, you will capture images that tell a narrative of their own.
You will work closely with the director and cinematographer on the composition of sequences in your film, the pacing, use of sound and music, if required. You will be involved in the research phase, understanding your story and how your edit will compliment the tone of the film and the personality of your subject. You will process footage from each day of production and edit throughout production and post-production, with the option of assisting on the set.

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