Meet The Team

Film In Action is a team of professional filmmakers and educators from around the world. Here’s a little information about our founders, who met while teaching a documentary filmmaking course together over 4 months and 3 continents.

Matthew Barwick


Matt is a filmmaker and film tutor from south-east England. He focused on fiction filmmaking throughout his degree and after graduating went on to establish a small media production company which specialized in film production for not-for-profits in the UK and overseas. Working across all areas of production during his career, he’s developed a range of technical and creative skills in camerawork, direction, editing, sound recording and music composition. He always had an interest in education and a desire to share his skills and interest in film with others and this led him to develop and manage fiction filmmaking courses for students who use English as a second language, in the UK and Europe.

Matt is passionate about travel and has lived and worked in many different countries such as China, Japan, Central and South America. He recently worked in rural India as a videographer and photographer for the Comprehensive Rural Health Project, a world leading community healthcare NGO, making a series of short films about their community programs. After this he taught a documentary filmmaking course in Ecuador, Cambodia and Kenya, meeting some truly inspirational people and NGOs and this was the catalyst for starting Film In Action. This brings together his love of filmmaking and desire to use film as a tool for social change.

Loria King

Loria Pic

Loria King is an independent documentary filmmaker, photographer, and film professor. She has over twenty years of experience as a filmmaker to include credits as a screenwriter, producer, director, and editor. She earned her B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College in Photography and Writing and her M.F.A. in Film from Columbia University, New York City. Her thesis documentary, Once A Man, Twice A Child, captured the attention of Hollywood film producer, Michael Housman and the Urban World Film Festival. Loria’s photography has been shown in a variety of venues including Richmond Magazine and the New York City Subway.

As an advocate of film education and training, Loria’s ultimate goal is to diversify the film market by educating and empowering aspiring artists; thereby creating a movement of media that represents the true, multidimensional qualities of people and speaks to the world. Her passions led her to teaching documentary film to students in Ecuador, Cambodia and Kenya, creating documentaries that highlight personal stories for social change. It was on this journey that she met Matthew Barwick and they conceptualized Film in Action.